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Monday, January 28, 2008

Why was getting on the internet so important last night?

Well, in case you haven't heard, Latter Day Saint prophet, Gordon B. Hinkley passed away yesterday evening. The news reporting of his passing interrupted all other programming on the major networks and disrupted the showing of The Russell Girl, a Hallmark Card chick-flick that the BSU was intent on watching.

Sadly, I was unable to bury myself in the interweb to avoid either this corny melodrama or the continual loop of the news reporters flapping their gums about the passing of a 97 year old church president. They all acted as if Hinkley's dieing was a huge surprise and a tragedy of unforeseen scope.

C'mon, he was 97 years old!

So, nothing else is going to happen in Utah this week. Nothing. Avalanches? Never mind. Mudslides in California? Who cares. Monsterous snowstorms bearing down on the state? You all be careful traveling to the multitude of memorial services this week.

Apparently, the decision as to who will replace President Hinkley does not require smoke from a chimney to alert the masses, just an announcement on KSL...

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